About Me

Hello there!

My name is Josh Brown. I’ve stood as a staff writer for TheGamersHub.net for over 3 years now and Features Editor for around 6 months less. Born on June 10, 1993, I’m currently 20 years old and working part-time in retail while dedicating my free time to playing games and writing about them – who wouldn’t want a job like that?!

While I’ve stayed up-to-date on the current happenings of the gaming industry for over a decade now, I only began to dabble in the art myself just before leaving college shy of my 18th birthday. While it proved difficult to get my foot in the door for just about any career prospect after finishing my IT course back then, I migrated over from a self-hosted blog managed by myself and a friend and began to submit applications to a few gaming sites as a way to properly progress and grow as a writer under the watchful eye of an editor.

These first few choice applications became Lazyassgamer.com and, a week later, TheGamersHub.net. I juggled my time with each publication until finally deciding to focus my attention on TGH partly thanks to my editor’s kind words, advice and leadership – and it’s a choice I’ve never once regretted.

Since working my way up the position of Features Editor within 6 months, I’d like to believe that my writing style has grown exponentially. Ranging from topical, trivial and cynical, I often feel like I can never settle with a single style and have to adjust to the subject at hand. Reviews fluctuate depending on the game’s effect on myself, while topical dilemmas often take the form of what you’re reading right now. There’s no humour here today, folks!

Over the last 3+ years, I’ve managed to land and sustain a staff writer role on AlienwareArena.com – through their partnership with eSports group ‘Team Dignitas’ – until the cancellation of their publishing project. I’ve had other works appear on NintendoFeed, SCAN Gaming and Rice Digital while being accepted for positions with both Rice Digital and GoBoiano – before coming to the realisation that I couldn’t devote the time and effort needed to make the most of the opportunities on hand. I’ve even had 2 pieces be commissioned by Replay Events to appear in their 2013 PlayExpo event ‘newspaper’.

I’ve managed to contribute myself to a number of topics and features over the years ranging from reviews, previews, historical/pop-culture columns and first-person insights. Hands-on experience with both unreleased technology and games is perhaps my favourite aspect of this line of work with many reviews of consumer level gaming tech becoming some of my more favourable write-ups. SteelSeries, Corsair, Logitech and MadCatz have all been subject to my questionably reputable critique – and I’m increasingly thankful for the opportunities that have graced my path over the last few years.

While my current projects may be lacking, the recent revival and redesign of TheGamersHub.net has brought me back from the brink of ‘retirement’; meaning new work should be appearing here more often. While it may be a mistake to say this now, I do have solid plans to work on a light novel series that plans to tackle the topic of addiction in our medium in a creative light mixed with fantasy/adventure overtones. It’s a large project that’s been on my mind for around a year now – which started off as an RPG idea – but is certainly something I’d like to devote more time to once the finer details and research have been ironed out. Please don’t be alarmed if you start to see rough chapters of fan-fiction level writing popping up on here every now and then.

Please keep an eye on my homepage to see any new work. Of course, each piece will be published to their original site before cropping up on here – so be sure to check those sites first. This site is to be primarily used as a ePortfolio collection of my projects as a reference to any editors etc who happen to be bugged by my request for additional work!

Thank you for reading!


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